Large steps, Small Footprints

A great new cycle-way just opened linking the Upper Queen st and Nelson st. It is bright pink and has an awesome camber. Bikeman spent some time going back and forth along the route and found that more than being necessary to Auckland’s cycle-ways, it is fun. And this is exactly what Auckland needs.IMG_1664
I started riding at the bottom of Parnell rd and took the Grafton Gully cycle-way to Upper Queen st. This took 9 minutes, no stopping for cars and lots of native bush to enjoy that was previously just wasted space on the edge of the motorway. This was the fastest way by far to get the top of Queen st. From there it is easy to get on the  Nelson st Cycle-way and then zip on down Nelson st to the Viaduct. What a great loop!
The bonus about the pink cycle-way is that it is made from environmentally-friendly renewable resins and recycled aggregate.
Its a beautiful thing when modern technology can be non-toxic. Large steps and small footprints.

Posted on December 9, 2015 in Auckland Culture, Cycleway

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