Auckland’s car parking buildings have the best views in the city


A few weeks ago I had a couple of tourists on the back of my biketaxi. We were going down Quay st and they were asking me why the Britomart carparking building has the best realestate in the area. I didn’t have an answer. It seems like a strange zoning mis-step by the council to allow six stories of Car parks right on the edge of the water so that parked cars can take in the view of the waitemata harbour across to Devonport. Surely this should be the location of the most expensive apartments in the city. Perhaps it is quandaries like this that have led to the re-evaluation of the location of Ports of Auckland. This is a huge area that could be the answer to a lot of housing issues in the Auckland CBD. Hundreds of Apartment buildings could be put up with commercial zones and recreation areas in effect creating an entirely new suburb like is being constructed in Wynyard Quarter

Posted on August 12, 2016 in Auckland Bike Taxis, Auckland Culture, Critiques

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