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Auckland’s car parking buildings have the best views in the city

  A few weeks ago I had a couple of tourists on the back of my biketaxi. We were going down Quay st and they were asking me why the Britomart carparking building has the best realestate in the area. I didn’t have an answer. It seems like a strange zoning mis-step by the council…

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Bike lanes vs pedestrians

  There is a new bike path on Quay st near the viaduct. This is great in and of itself but it begs the question, who has the right of way? If a pedestrian chooses to walk on the bike path or on any shared path should the cyclist go around the pedestrian or should…

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Bikeman interviews Wayne Anderson

While riding around Auckland on my bike taxi I get some meet some amazing people. Check out the lungs on the inimitable Wayne Anderson bikemanRiding through the streets of Auckland I see a lot of incredible, weird and broken things at the small end of the night. A lot of folk having the ride of…

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Auckland Bike taxis are a superior form of transport

I have never owned a car and while it’s a bit inconvenient I feel like my conscience is clearer environmentally and socially. The few times I have driven a car I am struck by how dangerous it is. Just last week I watched a man playing a game o his phone while waiting at a…

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