Where’s my Cycleway?

The beach road cycleway is 1.5 kms of dedicated cycle-path in Auckland city that I can’t figure out how to use.
It is a two-way cycleway so bikes are next to each other instead of on opposite sides of the road. The concept is sound until the intersection at Te Taou Crescent and Beach rd where the cycle path crosses to the other side of the road. At this point bikes must wait until the dedicated bicycle light allows them to diagonally cross the road. But the effect is that nobody waits. All the bikes just continue without the bike lane on the same side of the road making the bike lane redundant from this point onwards.
Another issue that I have often observed with the two-way bike lane is that cars use it. Cars have access to this bike lane in multiple locations both on Mahuhu Crescent and Te Taou Crescent. This becomes a problem especially when there is a concert at Vector Arena. The streets become packed with cars trying got escape the post-concert frenzy and so they decide that they should take the bicycle lane. This creates a danger for the cyclists who might otherwise assume they could ride in a bike lane unabated.
Ten points for creating a cycle lane! No points for designing it without cyclists in mind. Perhaps if more green paint filled with tiny plastic reflective spheres that pollute the environment was sprayed on to the cycleway it would deter the cars. Cars drivers hate green paint.

Posted on November 12, 2015 in Critiques

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